An Italian Brand rooted in the Gypsum Craft Tradition

Plasterego is an Italian brand with a strong artisan undertone, specialized in the production and installation of surface coating and interior plaster products in general. Thanks to its consolidated know-how, gained in over 60 years of history and by means of research into the material and its aesthetics, Plasterego has helped to rejuvenate the image of gypsum, which is no longer exclusively linked to classical decorations – cornices and false ceilings – but also to architectural features integrated into contemporary projects.

Plasterego aims to preserve the original characteristics of the product as it once was while exploiting the search for new technological solutions to improve the production processes and quality as much as possible. Incidentally, gypsum is a natural material, originating from manufacturing processes with no negative impact on the ecosystem, and is completely fireproof, making it suitable for public spaces. This is not to overlook the wholesomeness of the material, the sustainability of the products built, and its ability to add quality and well-being to any environment.

Coatings are an important part of Plasterego’s products, which can be custom-made — installed and finished on site — or from the catalog — modular panels of various sizes and textures and continuous panels, which enable the creation of seamless surfaces.  The application of these coatings is ideal for luxury retail and contract projects, as well as domestic spaces.

An encounter with Giorgio Zaetta, an attentive and very experienced architect and designer, has yielded one of the company’s latest creations: Exagon, continuous modular plaster coating consisting of the random repetition of staggered hexagonal components, created for .pico, a research project involving design, architecture and art, conceived by Zaetta together with ZERO Gallery… and recently presented at the 2018 Fuorisalone in Milan. In the Exagon project, Giorgio Zaetta was inspired by a visit to the Albergo Diurno Venezia in Milan and by the basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. He thus designed a plaster coating with an impressive and innovative morphology, creating a richly tactile surface, like that of natural gypsum, and, at the same time, an intriguing play on reflections and shadows that “dress” the surface with extraordinary magnificence and bring out the artisan qualities of the product.


Other continuous coating panels made by Plasterego are Eden, with a more classical flavor, characterized by a flowering branch that runs along the wall, and Shore, which is inspired by the ripples of the sea.

Company Profile

PLASTEREGO has a story that has lasted for 60 years in the production of plaster decorations for interiors in Padua, Italy. Thanks to the long and acknowledged experience of the founder, Mario Boschetto, it is now an industrial company with a strong craft imprint. The second generation of the Boschetto family Cristiana, Federico and Andrea – who runs the company, has contributed to renewing its structure to make it internationally competitive. Through research into materials and their aesthetics, plaster can no longer be assigned just to classical decorations – frames and false ceilings – but can also be used for architectural elements integrated in contemporary designs. Plasterego has recently worked in luxury retail for Louis Vuitton and Valentino (on a David Chipperfield interiors). They made the linings of the worldwide Diesel stores and for Nespresso. In yachting, some interiors of Joseph Farcus Architect for Carnival. The company supports contemporary art projects of Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice) and is ambassador of Italy’s fine craftsmanship, in the portal Italia su Misura (Italy made-to-measure) by the Cologni Foundation of Art Activities.