The Float sofa is presented within the installation Oasis, a micro-architecture designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini in the courtyard of honor at the Statale University, as part of the exhibition event Design Re-Evolution, organized by the magazine INTERNI from April 17 to 26

FFLOAT, the modular sofa made for FELIS, envelops us with the embrace of its soft, sinuous lines.

FLOAT was born from an organic idea. There is a link with the curvilinear Italian avant-gard design bolidist movement (Iosa Ghini is one of the founders) that characterizes me; however, my current vocation is more related to a softer naturalness that is not disjointed from what I was doing before but is simply an evolution. Today I prefer less aesthetically forced lines to return to the softness of the body. The organic forms of FLOAT are more congruent with whom we are, anatomically speaking,” says Massimo Iosa Ghini.

In Fuorisalone FLOAT at the Statale University (Interni magazine Design Re-Evolution exhibition) stands at the center of the “cocoon” of the OASI installation, a shelter protected by lush plants, “OASI is a meaningful micro-architecture. It is an exercise in the search for meaning that aims to manifest simple responses to today’s needs. Protection from the context without losing the permeability and capacity for dialogue between inside and outside. The relationship between the artificial and the natural with the use of intelligent and balanced woods; the biophilia that helps us to design interiors in which good-being prevails, being in a place with a sense of recovery not only mentally but also from physical and material fatigue, symbolized, and then plastically represented, by the Float sofa by Felis,” Iosa Ghini explains.

Milano aprile 2023

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