Nou Group, an Italian architecture firm debuts at Milan Design Week 2024 with “Cassandra Mission”, a dystopian tram installation to reflect on climate change. What would happen if there was the only piece of green left on Earth?

Fuorisalone 2024 – April 15/21 – 2024

Aspaceship coming from the future will land at the Design Week. Within, it stores the last patch of greenery left on Earth. This disturbin prediction – perhaps not so unrealistic – was envisioned by Nou Group, an architecture firm founded in 2017 in Viterbo (a town at 80 km from Rome) by Daniele Conticchio, which creates large public and private architecture and engineering works that are sustainable and attentive to energy saving, this year for the first time at Milan Design week 2024. It is a traveling installation, by tram, called Cassandra Mission.

“Earth might soon be only a memory unless we all come together to save it. Humanity’s gravest error is believing someone else will save the Planet in our place. Our consciences are entrusted with the fate of the Earth, and the future shows we will fail to preserve it. One last hope remains, one last fragment of greenery enclosed in a capsule coming to Milan from 2124, from a nomadic satellite city in space”. This is the message Nou Group wants to convey.

As Mark Augé stated, it is as if an “immobile present” capable of canceling the historical horizon has befallen our world: “at the same time as globalization was taking shape, a condition of perpetual and continuous present was materializing.” Living an eternal present does not allow us to foresee the reckless consequences that humanity inflicts on our Planet.

To prevent Cassandra‘s adverse prophecy, already announced in the past and taken up by Nou Group, from coming true, during the Design Week a “spaceship” will transport a precious content – the last piece of green left on Earth, guarded and preserved by Nou Group thanks to their sustainable actions in the design field – on the streets of Milan, in one of the historic trams customized specifically for the occasion.

The name Nou comes from the concept of Noosphere, which indicates the realm of human thought, a collective consciousness of human beings. Based on this philosophy, the firm has been structured as a laboratory of progressive thinking seeking to achieve social and environmental awareness through the design of spaces.

“Our time capsule will be futuristic and minimal, with a nod to high design. For the exterior we opted for a semi-reflective holographic film reminiscent of spaceships. The interior will be predominantly white in color and with high design elements. Highlighted claims will be such as: WE CAN BE THE FUTURE, FROM THE FUTURE AND BEYOND, GREEN IS MORE THAN A COLOUR”.

This tram from Space – a green vehicle par excellence, seemingly coming from the Città Nuova (New City), the dynamic and tumultuous futurist Milan of Sant’Elia architect – will offer anyone who gets on board the opportunity to be involved in the interactive installation and seize an incentive to reflect on one’s role in environmental issues – the installation “The mirror of consciousness” is located immediately in front of the tram entrance, it is a mirror with a LED illuminated writing “I have the face of someone who can save the planet” at the top – and moreover participants will be able to take part in themed meetings hosted during the Fuorisalone week.

In fact, discussion talks are planned, 3 per day for 3 days, on the topic of environmental sustainability and the importance of adopting virtuous behaviors to protect and preserve our planet. The guests are: Sibilla Bonfanti Bjarke Ingels Group, Benedetta Bruzziches fashion designer, Francesco Ferretti of Ferretti Project interior and exterior designer, Tessa Gelisio environmentalist and presenter, Paulius Masteika creative designer, Nerina di Nunzio High Qualification specialist at Roma Tre University for the “Science and Culture of Food and Wine” degree course of the Department of Science, Charles Oliver Thomas Bjarke Ingels Group & FACIT Homes.

Reflection will be focused on the following themes launched by Nou Group:

We are Nature. If not even a fragment of nature remains, we will lose our vital essence. We are green today, let us commit to being green tomorrow too.

We must be aware of the present to abandon the uncertainty of the future.

The social cognition that each of us is present and future.

Nothing is as perfect as the fusion between nature and architecture.

Furthermore, two itineraries of about an hour each will touch on the strategic points of the Milan Design week. Departure from Via Cesare Cantù Cordusio/Duomo area:

  • Itinerary 1 from via Cesare Cantù, Cordusio, Grossi, Scala, Manzoni, Cavour, Turati, Repubblica, XXV aprile, Garibaldi, Monumentale, Procaccini, Sempione, Arco della Pace, Cadorna, Cairoli, Bonaparte, Ponte Vetero, Broletto, Cordusio, Cesare Cantù;
  • Itinerary 2 from via Cesare Cantù, Orefici, Mazzini, Albricci, Larga, Fontana, Larga, Albricci, Mazzini, Orefici, Cusani, Cairoli, Foro Bonaparte, Cadorna, Castello, Lanza, Cusani, Broletto, Cordusio, Cesare Cantù.

Finally, “a capsule” will be made available to users in which they will be asked to enter their thoughts/predictions/desires for the future.

But is it possible to change such a catastrophic future? And how?

“The future is difficult to change right now if human consciousness does not move in the direction of sustainability. But there is still a possibility. Three things will save the world: curiosity, sustainability and the desire for the future”, underlines Nou Group. 


Nou Group founded in 2017 in Viterbo (a town at 80 km from Rome) by architect Daniele Conticchio and three associates with architectural and financial background. The group’s activity revolves around the design of large public and private buildings, to date it has designed more than 56 architectural projects and renovated 106 buildings. It also boasts expertise in the design of important photovoltaic power stations at a European level.

“Sustainability, environmental and social, is the approach through which we think and build the future. A method to create a world that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is the leitmotif that guides choices and actions aimed at ensuring the achievement of well-being, of people in space and of nature in the urban context” declare the designers.

Nou Group is seeking to consolidate its international standing in sustainability, design (architecture/engineering), project management and consultancy.

Its goal is to create projects that improve the living experience, from individual homes to urban development, supporting the natural evolution of each environmental and societal context in which it decides to operate. Nou Group‘s activity takes shape in the fields of sustainability, design, consultancy and management, and its main business focuses on architectural and engineering design and on energy production from renewable sources. It specializes in public and private collective projects: education, healthcare, housing, commercial, logistics and government buildings. Since 2022, in collaboration with leading companies, the studio has established itself in the heritage restoration and infrastructure sectors. Among the main projects are the Rocchi Municipal Stadium, Viterbo, in progress; the Lazio Region Civil Protection Logistics Centre, Capena 2020; the New Headquarters of the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Credaro (BG); the Collodi nursery school in Sferracavallo in Orvieto; the New Children’s Center in the municipality of Bassano Romano (VT).









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Fuorisalone 2024 – April 15/21 – 2024



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