ADRENALINA meets Art with a limited series of Hammock, the armchair designed by Debonademeo and upholstered with Le Chochart artwork

TThe experimental soul of ADRENALINA meets the artwork of Le Chochart, Ilaria Milardi and Jessica Di Vito’s artistic duo, to create a limited series of the Hammock armchair featuring a printed velvet upholstery which pattern was designed exclusively for Adrenalina by Le Chochart.

“Our artwork seems to spring from our hands, but it actually stems from our thoughts. The characters and the textures inhabiting our works embody our inadequacies and come out on paper through color. They are the energy collected and then released through our hands, the details we catch day after day and narrate through our drawings”, the Le Clochart Duo say.

The artwork naturally fits the minimalist outline of the Hammock armchair: its irregular shape welcomes the character from Picasso’s Le Rêve as revised and updated by Le Clochart, whose details are enhanced by the bold chromatic choices of the artwork. The picture seems to break free of its frame and step into reality.

Picasso’s character becomes almost a mate to sit by, a presence to meet and touch so as to include it in your daily life. Thus Hammock turns into an active element in the setting that hosts it, spreading its colorful and artistic essence around.

Name: Hammock

Designer: Debonademeo

Collection: armchair

Fabric: Limited edition printed velvet with Le_Clochart artwork

Materials: Steel and wooden frame, steel legs, foam upholstery

Dimensions L 82 P 83,5 H 71 Hs 41

Le Clochart

Le Clochart is a creative project that started by chance just before the pandemic, an event that had a big impact on the first series jointly created by artists Jessica and Ilaria.

Jessica Di Vito, born in 1987, a personal trainer by profession, has “always drawn out of necessity, as an escape route from a reality that is always too vibrant in [her] emotions”.

Ilaria Milardi, born in 1967, attended Art School and then the Academy of Fine Arts. Passionate about figurative representation, she met Jessica after a ten-year period during which she had neglected to even pick up a felt-tip pen. The Le Clochart project (Instagram Le_Clochart) was officially born out of this chance meeting.

Le Clochart‘s artwork is created on paper using acrylic markers and then transposed onto fabrics, paintings, objects and clothing. The walls are decorated strictly by hand, becoming unique and unrepeatable works of art. The Le Clochart artwork is characterized by an unmistakable stroke and a generous use of colors, and is produced in limited series.


Architect Luca De Bona and designer Dario De Meo met on the path between Milan and the Veneto region and began a partnership that draws inspiration from traveling to produce signs and designs that answer the needs of the contemporary habitat. In 2013 they founded the DEBONADEMEO studio in Padua and started to collaborate with prestigious furniture, lighting, decoration companies dealing with interior design, artistic direction, concept design and product development. Their micro and macro scale research reinterprets and merges various areas – architecture, design, graphics and art – to create innovative settings and objects that can always tell stories and induce emotions. Their projects, identifiable by the mixture of romantic evocations and industrial references, have appeared in numerous national and international interior design publications. Alongside their designing activity, they both teach in schools and universities.


Adrenalina is a brand of Domingo Salotti srl, Adrenalina was born in 1999 out of the the desire to conceive eclectic and innovative designs for upholstered furniture for commercial and residential use, reinterpreting armchairs, sofas and modular padded seating furniture as iconic and sculptural elements that, although stunning, are always extremely comfortable. Numerous Italian and foreign designers work in partnership with Adrenalina. Adrenalina is freedom of expression, of dreaming aloud, and of coloring the imagination, through bold and innovative upholstered seating collections. Care for technical details, great attention to comfort and softness and a look at the latest fashion trends shape Adrenalina philosophy. Adrenalina upholstered collections break the mold conferring uniqueness to the place that hosts them without compromising on comfort. Adrenalina draws on the experience and wisdom of traditional craftsmanship combined with a constant search for innovative materials and the development of modern production techniques, while maintaining all the features of an atelier where the desires of those who love to surround themselves with bold original statement-like design can be fully satisfied. Adrenalina is a haven for visionary creativity, a space where diversity is a value to be protected


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