Luca Alessandrini, the emerging designers in the team that Adrenalina presented at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2019

At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Adrenalina, the company that has been manufacturing iconic and unconventional upholstered furniture for the last twenty years, presented the last two emerging and very talented designers with international renown who have joined its team.

Luca Alessandrini, a very eclectic Italian designer with an international background (London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College) who is constantly looking for new eco-friendly materials. Bixib is the project that bears his signature, a series of armchairs and sofas made with an innovative silk and organic resin composite.


The name of the set featuring sofa and armchair freely refers to the Latin name of the silkworm: Bombyx Mori. The palindrome narrates the geometry of upholstered artefacts that change according to the perspective from which you observe them: what is simmetrical from the front becomes irregular and multifaceted as the observation angle changes. Bixib rests on an innovative base printed in a silk and bio-resin composite: an ancient and precious material such as silk becomes a three-dimensional item through innovative lamination processes involving organic materials that have a lighter and lighter impact on the environment. Bixib draws inspiration from Mars, the red rocky planet: the lightness of silk trapped in resin is grafted with contrasting textured materials, from the full bouclé to essential and reassuring oblique stripes. Bixib comes in two basic versions: silk and organic resin composite or the more traditional chrome or RAL color-painted curved metal.

Technical Data Sheet


Designer: Luca Alessandrini

Product: armchair+sofa

Cover material: Twill Wave Kvadrat, Touareg Glamour Textile, Velvet G075 Alessandro Bini

Inside Materials: wood frame, polyurethane padding

Base: silk and organic resin composite


Armchair         L 90     P 82.5             H 92   Hs 42

Sofa                L 160   P 82.5             H 92   Hs 42


Luca Alessandrini grew up in close touch with the world of design and business at Stilema, the company his family manages. Intrigued by innovation technology in design, in 2014 he moved to London to attend the double master in Innovation Design Engineering at both the Royal College of Art and the Imperial College. In 2016, Luca patented a revolutionary method to exploit the acoustic properties of composite materials. With the use of this technology, he designed violins made with silk and spider silk and speakers made with silk, spider silk and carbon fiber obtaining international recognition – he won the 2016 International Student Innovation Award, the Andrea Postacchini International Violin Award in 2017 and his work also granted him an award at the national competition for innovation in guitar making Dalla Natura al Suono. Luca is currently working as consultant in R&D and design showcasing his works in some of the most prestigious venues such as La Triennale di Milano, the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Royal Society, the Dubai Design Week, RCA Tokyo Design Lab and more.


In 2019 Adrenalina celebrates 20 years of experimental and iconic design and shares this special milestone with the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. For its twentieth anniversary, therefore, Adrenalina gets Lost in Space, the element to which the brand has been so often and easily associated, especially in its early years, for its futuristic designs and the avant-garde drive that has always distinguished it in the upholstered furniture scene.The 2019 Adrenalina adventure in space travels the galaxy, attracted by its most colorful and fascinating planets. The journey winds through iconic upholstered artefacts that the designers shaped and coloured according to the Planet they chose as their muse: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and the Earth.




Referente Stampa Valentina Bigiarini