Adrenalina returns to the Salone del Mobile for its 2022 edition, the first step in the brand’s ongoing renewal process derived from a careful observation of the new relationship between people and furniture.

Adrenalina returns to the Salone del Mobile for its 2022 edition, the first step in the brand’s ongoing renewal process derived from a careful observation of the new relationship between people and furniture. “The pandemic period, new technologies and changing lifestyles have taught us that it is reductive to define a space as living room, office, reception. The concept is actually much broader and more flexible; space today adapts to different uses.”

The rules of a new way of co-habiting, co-existing, and co-operating are being redefined: the home is also being turned into an office, the work space is acquiring domestic atmospheres, hospitality, retail and museum venues are adopting new codes of hospitality.

Adrenalina responds to this metamorphosis by refining its unique and visionary personality to evolve and project itself into the future. This transition includes the collaboration with the Italian design duo Debonademeo – Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo – who, at the end of 2021, have been entrusted with the artistic direction of the brand.

News at this Salone is Biscuit modular seating, a collection designed by Kazuko Omamoto, a system of modular seating intended for waiting areas, coworking communal areas or hotel lobbies, where people passing by can stop for a short break and work.

About the other products:

Hammock armchair designed by Debonademeo in 2021 and the Swing collection by the same designers, a collection of sofas and armchairs (2020), presented only virtually during lock-down periods, can finally be touched, then the evergreen Leo (2020), by Ukrainian designer Daria Zinovatnaya, reissued in new textures and nuances. The Nuda armchair designed by Simone Micheli, one of the brand’s historical pieces, launched in 2001 and now dusted off from the historical archive with a restyling of materials and colours, is relaunched.

The Adrenalina stand at the fair gives way to the new relationship between man and furniture: the exhibition area retains its function as a container of actions and a generator of emotions, but becomes more malleable by allowing the exchange between settings and sectors, between flows and visions, and stages the new daily living standards and the relationships between human beings and the furniture surrounding them.

In this new concept of space, each furniture item, whatever its series, becomes a protagonist, while happily  coexisting with the others and generating microcosms to be inhabited.

The exhibition design is the result of a collaboration between art directors Debonademeo and visual architects from Cipria Studio. Debonademeo took up the challenge of giving shape, as if in a pop-up book, to the two-dimensional collage settings created by Cipria Studio for Adrenalina.

The rigorous geometry of the pure volumes decorating the exhibition enhances the soul of Adrenalina products. Wooden shells and polyurethane parallelepipeds, the same ones used to build sofas and armchairs, are now exhibited, dominating the scene and honestly declaring the material, the soul that hides under shapes and colorful fabrics, the essence of a company in whose veins runs the blood of craftsmanship throbbing with the desire to evolve and innovate. 


A is brand of Domingo Salotti srl, Adrenalina was born in 1999 out of the the desire to conceive eclectic and innovative designs for upholstered furniture for commercial and residential use, reinterpreting armchairs, sofas and modular padded seating furniture as iconic and sculptural elements that, although stunning, are always extremely comfortable. Numerous Italian and foreign designers work in partnership with Adrenalina.

Adrenalina is freedom of expression, of dreaming aloud, and of coloring the imagination, through bold and innovative upholstered seating collections. Care for technical details, great attention to comfort and softness and a look at the latest fashion trends shape Adrenalina philosophy. Adrenalina upholstered collections break the mold conferring uniqueness to the place that hosts them without compromising on comfort.

Adrenalina draws on the experience and wisdom of traditional craftsmanship combined with a constant search for innovative materials and the development of modern production techniques, while maintaining all the features of an atelier where the desires of those who love to surround themselves with bold original statement-like design can be fully satisfied.

Adrenalina is a haven for visionary creativity, a space where diversity is a value to be protected

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