Daria Zinovatnaya the emerging designer in the team that Adrenalina presented at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2019

At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Adrenalina, the company that has been manufacturing iconic and unconventional upholstered furniture for the last twenty years, presented the last two emerging and very talented designers with international renown who have joined its team.

The young Daria Zinovatnaya from St Petersburg in Russia, an interior and furniture designer with a style that focuses on the relationship between colour and geometry. Daria, who is also a very successful Instagram influencer, designed two series and a lamp: Roche, with its round and welcoming shape, and Mercury, which sports a bolder look.



ROCHE is the series designed by the emerging Russian designer Daria Zinovatnaya, consisting of sofas, armchairs and poufs and, for the first time in the history of Adrenalina, of a lamp. The name ROCHE (from the French rock, stone) recalls the natural environment of the planet Venus that is mainly composed of petrified lava. The shapes of the elements that make up the series are soft, rounded and elegant, perfect to welcome in a warm embrace those in search of a relaxing break. Finally, the elegant and essential metal wall lamp completes the Roche series and opens up the door to the world of Light for Adrenalina. Daria Zinovatnaya’s striking design definitely catches the eye, successfully fitting into the spirit of the brand. ROCHE is inspired by Venus. The double personality of a planet that changes its colors according to the phases of its life cycle is mirrored in textured or extremely ductile materials, whose shades reflect the blue and yellow tones of the Morning Star and then fire up with the flaming orange hues of the Evening Star.


The series of padded upholstered items named Mercury is the result of free experimentation that draws its essence from the will to mix geometrical shapes with the overlapping curves, straight lines and bold colors typical of the vanguardist art movements of the early 20th century which designer Daria Zinovatnaya referred to in her project. Ignoring product logic and widely accepted design parameters, Mercury is a collection featuring a strong will to break away from any schemes, which is not an end in itself, but rather the contextualization of a vision of contemporary interior design in which originality is essential. The over-proportioned dimensions spell out a concept of comfort that goes beyond shapes and combines aesthetics with the usability of a piece of furniture that is to be the beating heart of everyday living geometry, the aesthetic essence that leads a free spirit, combines the creative urge with the need for usability in an elegant yet comfortable furnishing element. Mercury draws inspiration from the planet that gave it its name. Its colors land on Planet Earth, intensifying and merging with each other in a set of soft and textured patterns, to simulate the absence of gravity.


Daria Zinovatnaya, year 1992, was born in Crimea in Simferopol. Since early childhood she has cultivated her passion for design. She attended Art School, then the Academy of Architecture and soon after began to express herself with her design projects. Her works are based on colors and geometry, a combination of color planes. She focuses mainly on interior design, with particular attention to furniture, accessories and lighting.


In 2019 Adrenalina celebrates 20 years of experimental and iconic design and shares this special milestone with the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. For its twentieth anniversary, therefore, Adrenalina gets Lost in Space, the element to which the brand has been so often and easily associated, especially in its early years, for its futuristic designs and the avant-garde drive that has always distinguished it in the upholstered furniture scene. The 2019 Adrenalina adventure in space travels the galaxy, attracted by its most colorful and fascinating planets. The journey winds through iconic upholstered artefacts that the designers shaped and coloured according to the Planet they chose as their muse: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and the Earth.