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For its twentieth birthday, ADRENALINA, the upholstery brand famous for its iconic and unconventional design, returns to Salone del Mobile to amaze its visitors once again. This year ADRENALINA’s claim is LOST IN SPACE, which is also the name of its new collection. The setting of the stand will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the historical landing on the Moon of the Apollo 11 spacecraft (July 20, 1969).

Space has inspired the new upholstery collection – LOST IN SPACE – and a Space setting will display it. Each of the designers who work with ADRENALINA chose a planet – Venus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto or Neptune – to define colours and details of their creations.

Among them, ADRENALINA welcomes the young and talented Russian designer, Daria Zinovatnaya, who had planet Venus in mind when she designed the sofa, the armchair and the ottoman for the ROCHE line.


[sofa + armchair + ottoman]

design: Daria Zinovatnaya


ROCHE is the line inspired by Planet Venus. The soft rounded yet lithe shapes of its sofas, armchairs and ottomans sport Venusian hues – yellow and blue – the same that Planet Venus shows off at dawn and at sunset. ROCHE, French for rock or stone, refers to the petrified lava that covers the surface of this Planet.

The company: ADRENALINA

Adrenalina is freedom of expression, of dreaming aloud, and of coloring the imagination, through bold and innovative upholstered seating collections.

Care for technical details, great attention to comfort and softness and a look at the latest fashion trends shape Adrenalina’s philosophy. Adrenalina upholstered collections break the mold conferring uniqueness to the place that hosts them without compromising on comfort.

Adrenalina draws on the experience and wisdom of traditional craftsmanship combined with a constant search for innovative materials and the development of modern production techniques, while maintaining the character of an atelier where the desires of those who love to surround themselves with bold original statement-like design can be fully satisfied.

Adrenalina is the refuge of originality, a space where diversity is a value to be protected.

And the uniqueness becomes absolute with Adrenalina, which gives its customer the opportunity to customize products endlessly or develop exclusive limited-edition seats.

Adrenalina is a brand of Domingo Salotti srl, born in 1999 with the desire to conceive eclectic and innovative designs for upholstered furniture for commercial and residential use, reinterpreting armchairs, sofas and modular padded seating furniture as iconic and sculptural elements that, although stunning, are always extremely comfortable.

Bio designer

Daria Zinovatnaya was born in 1992 in Simferopol (Crimea) and has cultivated a passion for design since early childhood. She attended the Art School, then graduated from the Academy of Architecture and immediately began designing intriguing projects. The basis of her work is the use of colour in its combinations, and geometry. She mainly focuses on interior design, with a special interest in furniture, accessories and lighting.

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