Delegation ADI Lombardia presents

‘Alessandro Guerriero: al diavolo Alchimia!’

in a book at ADI in Milan by Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti Wednesday 24 January 2018 – 18.00 ADI Association for Industrial Design – Via Bramante 29 – Milan

The book “Alessandro Guerriero: al diavolo Alchimia!” Edited by Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti is presented by the ADI Lombardia Delegation on Wednesday 24 January at the ADI headquarters in Milan. The book sums up the ideas and the rich cultural journey of Alessandro Guerriero, outlined last fall also by an exhibition at Lecce’s MUST, curated by Concari and Marcatti, close to the 40th anniversary of the Alchimia group. The conversation, introduced by the president of ADI Lombardia Andrea Rovatti, will involve the two curators and Alessandro Guerriero who defines himself as “non-architect” coquetry. He is a charismatic character, difficult to frame in the landscape of design that in 1976 he founded, with his sister Adriana, Alchimia, an innovative movement of the Italian Post-Avant-garde Design. Alchimia was a hotbed of ideas, projects, research ranging from architecture to decoration, interior design, furniture, clothing, set design, painting. Here, brilliant architects and designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Ettore Sottsass, Riccardo Dalisi, as well as artists, graphic designers and stylists have created daring and fantastic experiments. Alessandro Guerriero has also worked in less orthodox spaces for architecture and design. He founded magazines (in 1988 he edited OLLO – Rivista senza Messaggio), created set designs (for the Matia Bazar and the Criminal Warehouses), operated in prisons (with the Granserraglio Cooperative, composed of semi-liberty inmates), founded schools (in 1987, the Domus Academy, in 1995, the Futurarium of Ravenna and finally the free Tam Tam school), was president of Naba, the New Academy of Fine Arts of Milan and finally, in 1982 he received the “Compasso d’Oro”. To complete the story, a video reportage curated by Andreina and Marco Poma of Metamorphosi Edizioni will be screened. N.B. The ADI members who intervene (announcing with an e-mail message to ADI Lombardia) can get 2 CFP. Alessandro Guerriero: to the devil Alchimia! 24 January 2018, 6 pm ADI Industrial Design Association via Bramante 29, Milan Milan, 16 January 2018 ADI Press Office Lombardia: Patrizia ledda tel + 39 339 4766974